3-Month Medicinal Plant Cultivation Internship

 Tuesdays, April-June

Learn how to grow and cultivate medicinal herbs on a permaculture-inspired micro herb farm. 

Interns will participate in all the day-to-day activities it takes to run a small nursery


Areas covered include:

  • Plant Propagation- Hoophouse, Division, Cuttings, Layering, Seeding
  • Plant Cultivation- Growth Preferences, Polycultures, Companion Plantings, Soil-building
  • Creation of infrastructure (new woodland garden beds, hoophouse construction, etc)
  • Plant ID, Botany, and Medicinal Uses
  • Business practices

The Details:
-There are 3 internships spots available.  -Deadline to apply for the spring is March 15th.
-To apply please send a cover letter and resume to milkandhoneyherbs@gmail.com

-Days are 9am-3pm, Tuesdays April-June.
his is a worktrade model internship