Winter Online Series

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Course Registration is open January 8th-January 22nd. Class begins Feb 1st

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A deep dive into the rich subject of Kitchen Medicine, this class demystifies herbalism, bringing it back into the home.
After teaching this course in-person the past 4 years and having it consistently fill, I decided it was time to offer this course online!

We'll explore the amazing medicinal uses of the culinary herbs and ways to capture their properties for medicine, both in herbal preparations and in our food.  Among the most ancient of plants included in humans' diets, these plants are still much-loved and utilized in modern herbalism today.

We will also delve deeply into the subject of "food as medicine".  Deep immunity- true health that comes from the core- is best built through nourishing foods and the tonic herbs.  We'll learn how to eat right for our personal constitutions, understand the energetics of different foods, use the tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms daily in the kitchen, and how to get the most nutritionally from the foods we eat.  There will also, of course, be plenty of medicine-making and cooking as well!

Course Features

6 Core Modules
Lifetime access to videos and the course
Live Q & A Sessions
Private Facebook group
Over 100 pages of PDF Handouts and Recipes
Extra Bonus Material

Class starts February 1st

Registration is OPEN until January 22nd!


Please Note: Our in-person Spice Rack Medicine Winter Class Series is FULL for 2019 but we will be offering it again in 2020!

Course Topics Include….


Medicinal Use of the Culinary Herbs

Full Materia Medica for over 20 common Kitchen Herbs

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Medicinal Mushrooms

In the Kitchen, Recipes, and Medicinal Use

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Adaptogens & Cooking With the Tonic Herbs

Incorporating Adaptogens and Immune-Boosting and Stress-Busting Tonic Herbs into Your Cooking

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Herbal Ghee

Medicinal Benefits and How to Make Your Own

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Nourishing Broths & Soups

Bone Broths, Deep Immune Broths, Herbal Broths, Medicinal Soups, and More

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Food as Medicine

Food and Herbal Energetics, Eating Right for your Constitution, and Enhancing Digestion & Nutrient Assimilation

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Oil, Vinegars, Bitters, Cordials, Oxymels, Honeys, Salts, Wild Sodas, Medicinal Ferments, and More

The Details

-Each module includes a 1.5 hr audio lecture plus a 1-1.5 hr video portion demonstrating medicine-making and recipes
-PDFs included with each module containing photos and monographs/materia medica of each herb discussed, further reading material and resources, and recipes. Over 100 pages total.
-Lifetime access to the course and choose you own pace
-Begins the first week of February and a module will be released weekly beginning Feb 1st
-Tuition is $195. Payment Plan is available and may be split into 3 monthly payments
-3 LIVE webinars for Q & A, with opportunity to re-watch after and send-in questions beforehand
-Private Facebook group for questions and group discussions

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What Students are Saying…..

Jade has a knowledge and passion for the plants that shines bright. She has a unique ability to integrate traditional knowledge with current research, and do so in a way that is down to earth and accessible to all levels of experience.
Your class was a direct way to bring me into a feeling of abundance! What we learned in class has taught me to use all the same herbs that have been in my pantry all along in a way that is more artful, intentional and potent.
I honestly wasn’t sure this class would be interesting to me, because I do cook with a lot of spices and sometimes grow weary of the generalized “this is how to cook your foods correctly” diatribe some instructors give. But you are a great teacher! This class was perfect; it was much more about delving into the stories of the spices and herbs, and learning about them in a broader context of health, healing, cooking, nourishment, and tradition. I was super excited for class each week and never looked at the clock. You have an awesome ability to share a huge amount of info in a way that is easy and fun for me to remember and learn. My relationship with these herbs and spices grew so much that it doesn’t feel like a chore to cook more with them, but a delight! I love remembering some little parts of their story as I cook. They are so friendly to me now!
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Jade is incredibly generous, thoughtful and thorough. I felt inspired and empowered in this series and I’m eager to learn more through tasting, cooking, gardening, wildcrafting, reading, talking and engaging with our local community. Thank you!