The other side of any problem, no matter how big or small, is the opportunity to ally with it as a vehicle for your own evolution.
— Robin Rose Bennet, Herbalist

Herbal Consultations

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An herbal consultation is an opportunity to sit down in a relaxed and supportive environment and have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns.  Herbalism is a holistic practice and during a consultation we’ll discuss much more than just the herbs themselves. We’ll explore food as medicine and ways to nourish and support you through kitchen medicine. We’ll talk about what shifts can be made in your life and identify where your edges are in terms of what might be holding you back from healing. These same edges are fertile ground for healing and we’ll think about how we can work with them as a force for positive change. And no consultation is complete without discussing the herbs most suited for you, your personal constitution, and condition- your herbal allies. You’ll receive your own personalized herbal formula (often a tea, tincture and/or flower essence).  A follow-up visit 2-3 weeks after the initial consult is strongly recommended, and I advise that we work together on your health over a period of 3-6 months for optimal results.

Herbal Consults

Mondays 9am-3pm
Tuesdays 9am-3pm
Thursdays 9am-3pm
PLEASE NOTE: These are distance consults offered over the phone or Zoom. If you are local and would like to meet in person please email me and we can figure something out!


Initial Consultation (1.5 hrs)- $80
 Follow-up Sessions (1 hr)- $65
 Mini Phone Consults for Acute Conditions and Check-ins (1/2 hr)- $35 (available for existing clients only)
Low Cost Consults-I reserve 2 spots/month for low-income folks. Please email for details

Cancellation Policy: I require 24 hour notice if you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment.  Clients who do not cancel within the 24 hr time-frame, are responsible for full payment for the appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Online scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of conditions can herbal medicine address?
While herbs are not a swap for pharmaceuticals, conditions commonly addressed include anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration, insomnia, trauma, pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, menstrual irregularity and issues, low immunity, colds, flus, coughs, infections, respiratory conditions, digestive issues, skin problems, heart and circulatory conditions, maintaining vibrant health, pregnancy, postpartum, fertility, and much much more! I also often work with children.  Herbal medicine is also a fantastic form of preventative healthcare and can be utilized to maintain vibrant health.

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Is herbal medicine right for me?
Whether you are blessed with good health and would like to help keep it that way, or are struggling with long-term health issues- herbal medicine can help.  Herbalists see the body and its conditions as much more than the sum of its individual parts, and rather a vital, intelligent system that can be brought into balance via the synergy of food as medicine, the herbs, and lifestyle shifts. In this system the client is empowered to be their own healer rather than the “doctor as healer” paradigm found in allopathic medicine and the herbalist serves as a support and guide. I love working with all people, regardless of their age, race, gender identity, sexuality, or otherwise!  

Do you have areas of specialty?
While I work with a wide range of conditions I especially support many folks during the child-bearing year from conception, pregnancy, birth, and into postpartum. I also have lots of experience with children, being the mother two!

Is it safe? What if I'm taking pharmaceutical medications?
Yes! Herbal medicine is very safe, especially when you are working with a skilled and trained herbalist.  Herbs may be safely used alongside pharmaceuticals when they are chose appropriately based on potential herb-drug interactions, and there are many herbs that do not negatively interact with any medications at all. I have experience working with folks on a wide variety of medications.

Kind words...

I want to say thank you so much for your kind, perceptive, healing approach, and the care so evident in my blend. Thank you so MUCH!
— L.K.
Thank you so much, for all of your insight and helping to get me back on track health-wise. It’s been an amazing journey and I appreciate you!
— C.
I want to thank you again for all you’ve done to help me with my various issues. I really feel that you went above and beyond and I am so grateful.
— S.C.
“Working with Jade has been so comforting. I look forward to our appointments, because I feel supported in my decisions and where I am in life. I can come with a question or nothing specific in mind. We talk about what works for me and what doesn’t. She listens to me and I feel heard. I leave with some great ideas to try out including recipes, book suggestions and new herbs to explore.”
— A.B.
Dear Jade,

I was just thinking of the year in review and realizing I very much want to thank you again for the herbal treatment you gave to my husband. We really went from not knowing if on any given night hours of sleep would be lost, to simply never having to be woken to panic attacks. Of course, since we are married, you helped me almost as much as you helped him! If I had helped someone that much just once in my life I would be so full of well being! I hope I can help explain to others the value of your work. I only hoped for some relief, and never would have guessed the problem would be solved that had affected us for so many years and had recently gotten so much worse. I feel that a terrible problem that everyone seemed to dismiss as merely psychological, you showed to be physical in nature. You are very good at what you do.
— Love, B.K.