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Milk & Honey Herbs is a small, diversified, family-owned farm and business in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. 

We believe that community health and ecological health are intrinsically connected and hope that Milk & Honey Herbs positively contributes to both.




What's New?



A Course in Bioregional Herbalism

Registration is OPEN!

Class meets 1 sunday/month, 10am-4pm
Spring Session: April-June (FULL)
Summer Session: July-Aug (Now enrolling!)
Fall Session: Sept-Nov (Now enrolling!)
~Sessions may be taken separately or together.  Take all 3 sessions to participate in the From the Roots Up Apprenticeship (FULL)~

A hands-on, experiential herb class, this series is designed for the student who wants to dive-in and get to know the local plants up close and personal.  Folks will learn how to confidently identify plants in the field, how to harvest and make medicine with them and learn their complete medicinal profile. Learn herbal ecology and develop a bioregional materia medica.



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Tree Medicine of the Northeast

At Herbstalk
Sunday June 5th
The Armory, Somerville, MA

Working with the trees as medicine is fun, sustainable, and highly effective. In this class we will discuss some of our local medicinal trees including Sassafrass (Sassafrass albidum), Sweet Birch (Betula lenta), Peach (Prunus persica), White Pine (Pinus strobus), Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), and Wild Cherry (Prunus serotina). Topics covered will include proper harvesting of barks, plant ID, medicinal preparations, and medicinal use. Participants will leave this class feeling confident in harvesting and using some of our wonderful bioregionally abundant trees!

Wild Edibles & Medicinals Plant Walk

At Unifier Festival
Sunday June 19th
Tolland, MA

Join us for a walk around the grounds exploring our bioregionally abundant wild edible and medicinal trees, shrubs, flowers, roots, berries, and more!  We'll focus on field botany and plant ID, common medicinal uses, edibility and recipes, medicine-making, wildcrafting and harvesting practices, and practical tips for weaving the use of these plants into our every-day lives.  We'll also spend some time practicing sensory integration and gaining intimacy with the green world all around us.


Creating Bioregional Incense

Saturday July 17th, 1-4pm
At Sawmill Herb Farm- Florence, MA. $25.

Learn how to turn your local weeds, trees, and berries into aromatic and medicinal treasures! Using plants local to our own bioregion that are easy to grow and wild-harvest, we’ll cover several types of incense, including smudges, loose incense, and kyphi (also known as compound incense).   Many aromatic plants are powerful anti-microbials, and have a number of other powerful herbal actions as well.  In addition to learning the step-by-step process for making these sumptuous preparations, we will also cover the medicinal uses of the incenses we make and the plant ingredients we use.  Recipes will be demoed and given, and participants will all leave with some incense and a smudge of their own!

Making and Using Herbal Honeys


Wild Medicinals Plant Walk

At the NOFA Summer Conference
UMASS, Amherst. August 12th-14th.


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