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Milk & Honey Herbs is a small, diversified, family-owned farm and business in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. 

We believe that community health and ecological health are intrinsically connected and hope that Milk & Honey Herbs positively contributes to both.




What's New?



A Course in Bioregional Herbalism

Registration is OPEN!

Class meets 1 sunday/month, 10am-4pm
Spring Session: April-June
Summer Session: July-Aug
Fall Session: Sept-Nov
(Sessions may be taken separately or together)

A hands-on, experiential herb class, this series is designed for the student who wants to dive-in and get to know the local plants up close and personal.  Folks will learn how to confidently identify plants in the field, how to harvest and make medicine with them and learn their complete medicinal profile. Learn herbal ecology and develop a bioregional materia medica.



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Home Medicine-Making 101

Saturday Jan 16th
NOFA Winter Conference
Worcester State University

The local medicine movement is growing right along with the local food movement, and rightly so! Home medicine-making is empowering, ecological, effective, and builds community resilience. Come learn how to harvest and dry your own herbs, and make preparations such as tinctures, teas, herbal honeys, and more.  See how simple and easy making your own herbal medicine can be!

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Winter Tree Medicine

Saturday January 30th, 10am-12pm
Tower Hill Botanic Garden (in collaboration with the Herbal Community of Central Massachusetts)
Boylston, MA

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't still make medicine! In this workshop we will meet some of our local evergreens and learn how to identify them.  We'll also discuss their medicinal benefits and learn how to capture these properties in easy and effective preparations such as salves, oils, and elixers.  We'll demonstrate how to make the medicine and recipes will be shared! Pre-register at

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