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Milk & Honey Herbs is a small, diversified, family-owned farm and business in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. 

We believe that community health and ecological health are intrinsically connected and hope that Milk & Honey Herbs positively contributes to both.




What's New?

  • Our Winter Class Series: SPICE RACK MEDICINE is open for enrollment! It meets 1 Sunday/month January-March. Class covers medicinal uses of the culinary herbs, food and herbal energetics, eating and harmonizing with the seasons, using the tonic herbs in the home kitchen, and incorporating food as medicine into your everyday life! {learn more and sign-up here}

  • The GREENFIELD COMMUNITY HERBAL CLINIC is going strong.  Every Friday from 12-5 pm I offer herbal low-cost herbal consults on a walk-in basis and by appointment (encouraged!).  The consults are sliding scale- those who can pay higher on the scale help support those who cannot, and together we create a mutually supported community of healing.  ALL are WELCOME! {learn more}


Winter 2016 Class Series

1 Sunday/month January-March
Greenfield, MA

The course covers all elements of Kitchen Medicine. Learn the medicinal uses of the culinary herbs, food and herbal energetics, harmonizing with the seasons, food as medicine, herbal "deep immune" tonics, medicine-making and more. {Learn more here}

A Course in Bioregional Herbalism

Class meets 1 sunday/month, 10am-4pm
Spring Session: April-June
NEW! Summer Session: July-Aug
Fall Session: Sept-Nov
2016 Dates TBA
(Sessions may be taken separately or together)

A hands-on, experiential herb class, this series is designed for the student who wants to dive-in and get to know the local plants up close and personal.  Folks will learn how to confidently identify plants in the field, how to harvest and make medicine with them and learn their complete medicinal profile. Learn herbal ecology and develop a bioregional materia medica. {Learn more here!}



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Making Your Own Herbal Bitters & Cordials

Saturday Oct 17th. 12-2:30pm.
Just Roots/Greenfield Community Farm. Greenfield, MA.
By Donation. Pre-registration requested

Lately, herbal bitters and cordials are all the rage- and with good reason!  They are an alluring intersection of medicine and drink, and can be skillfully blended to taste delicious and impart health.  In this class recipes will be given and preparations will be demoed. Leave with the skills and inspiration to make your own medicine and incorporate these healthful beverages into your everyday life!

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Herbal Approaches to Autoimmune Disorders

Tuesdays Nov 10th, 6:30-8:00pm
River Valley Market
Northampton, MA
FREE. Pre-registration required. Please Call River Valley at 413-584-2665.

Autoimmune disorders are are ubiquitous in our culture, and known for their variety of symptoms, ranging from joint and body pain to digestive issues. Learn how herbal medicine can provide natural support for you as you explore ways to manage your health and well-being.

View the entire 2015 Schedule HERE

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