Milk & Honey Herbs is a small, diversified, family-owned farm and business in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts. 

We believe that community health and ecological health are intrinsically connected and hope that Milk & Honey Herbs positively contributes to both.



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Bioregional Herbalism Series & Apprenticeship

This hands-on, experiential herb course meets outside and in the field. Learn our locally abundant medicinal plants, wildcrafting guidelines and harvesting methods, gain intimacy with local herbs, learn field botany and plant ID, develop a bioregional materia medica, build your home apothecary, and more!

Class size is limited. Register early to hold your space in class!

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We offer two options:

8-month Apprenticeship

Meets 1 Sunday/month April-November
FULL for 2019

Seasonal Class Series

Meets 1 Sunday/mo, 10am-4pm
*Sign up for one or more sessions*
Spring Session- April-June (FULL)
Summer Session-July & August (currently enrolling!)
Fall Session- Sept-Nov (currently enrolling!)

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Seaweed Medicine

Wednesday June 5th
Blue Dragon Apothecary
Greenfield, MA
Register for class here or email me at to sign-up!

Join us for an evening workshop diving deep into the rich subject of working with seaweed as medicine and food. More nutritious then any land plant, seaweeds (which are actually a macroalgae) are immensely rich in minerals, gut healing and immune-boosting polysaccharides, trace minerals (especially Iodine, which is protective for the thyroid), and some are even anti-viral! Food traditions across the globe from Japan, to Hawaii, to the British Isles, and beyond have a rich history of incorporating seaweed into the diet and using them medicinal as well. This class will explore the different groups of seaweeds- Red, Brown, and Green- with a special focus on those abundant here in our Northeast waters, and discuss medicinal use and incorporating them into the kitchen! Recipes will be demoed (and tasted) and handouts will be provided. Pre-registration required. Register for class here or email me at to sign-up!


Nettles in the Kitchen

Saturday June 1st
At Herbstalk
Somerville, MA

Nettles epitomize the nexus between medicine and food. They are a wild vegetable, one of the most nutritious plants on the planet, and have a plethora of medicinal uses! Join us for an exploration of Nettles and the multitude of ways they can be incorporated into your cooking and food as medicine practices. Favorite recipes will be demoed and shared, and we'll take time to explore the harvest, cultivation and medicinal properties of this beloved plant as well! Learn more about Herbstalk here.

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Summer Solstice Herb Walk

Saturday June 22nd
Location TBA (will be in Northampton, MA area!)
$10 (children free)
Register for the herb walk here!

Join us for a walk around the farm as we identify and learn about the medicinal herbs of high summer. We’ll learn field botany and plant ID, learn to read the herbal landscape, talk about making your own medicinal preparations like tinctures, oils, and elixirs, and get to know our locally abundant medicinal plants!

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Medicinal Mushrooms in the Kitchen

Saturday August 10th
NOFA Summer Conference
At Hampshire College- Amherst, MA

Mushrooms wonderfully walk the line between food and medicine. Combine their versatility in the kitchen with their medicinal virtues and you have a winning combination! This class will go in-depth on medicinal mushrooms easily incorporated into the kitchen. We'll learn about their medicinal benefits, favorite recipes, flavor combinations, and herb-pairings as we go.  Learn more and register for the conference here.


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If you’re interested in studying herbalism but aren’t able to take our in-person classes, or if online learning simply works better for your life and schedule, I’ve created a learning community on Patreon- join us! I offer monthly online classes and plant study groups, discounts on herbal consults, and more! Also, we offer an online version of our Spice Rack Medicine class series every winter- registration will open in January!