Spring & Summertimes 2013

Originally posted September 6, 2013

We've had a great growing season here at Milk & Honey Herbs- it was our first year providing the community with potent, live medicinal plants!  Ourplant list is growing every day and we look forward to another exciting year of growth for the nursery in 2014.  We've still got some plants available and will start accepting orders for spring of 2014 in the winter.  In the meantime, it's always fun to indulge in pictures of medicine and flowers! 


It all starts so innocently in the spring....

3 - Lilacs.JPG

In May the woodland plants really start to shine....

Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh

Young Goldenseal emerging- an important, endangered herb

Goldenseal in flower

Partridgeberry and Wild Strawberry definitely get along

Young Wild Yam

Our Elder-Violet Polyculture

The newest member of our family, Cedar, with the violet harvest!

Getting into it...

Sweet Medicine

Summer comes....

Lady's Mantle Magic

17 - BlueVervainandBee.JPG

The bees love Blue Vervain, another magical and long-revered plant- and nervine-extraordinaire

Speaking of nervines...

Echinacea Beauty

Marshmallow, a sweet and soothing presence in the garden

Bee Balm has an amazing "plant personality"

We were excited to put in these 3 new, sheet-mulched beds.  They are sited on a slope and, using an A-Frame, we were able to lay them out on the lands natural contours

Our first year growing it- it's buds are so resinous and sticky it's no wonder another name for it is Gumweed!

Red Sage/ Dan Shen, an important Chinese medicinal. It's root, the part used, is bright red!


California Poppy Love

St Johnswort is sometimes referred to as "herb of the sun"

Sweetgrass in flower

Purslane Salad
 Puslane has the highest concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (the "good fats") in the entire plant world, a whopping 8.5 mg per 1 gram of plant material- that's a lot!  Truly an example of food as medicine.

The Wild Rose harvest with summer intern, Liz

We'll use these blossoms to make wild rose elixer...and honey

31 - NBOProducts2.jpg

Milk & Honey products at Next Barn Over Farm in Hadley, an amazing CSA!

~Hope you all had a great summer with the plants~

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