Food As Medicine: Milk Thistle Gomasio

Gomasio is a traditional condiment traditional in Japanese cuisine. Its rich base of roasted sesame seeds and seaweed provides a perfect canvas for blending other delicious and medicinal seeds that cross easily over into the "food as medicine " realm. Milk Thistle Gomasio is an herbalism classic is at this point. It's also fun to add in wild seeds easily gathered in our bioregion, such as Nettle Sd (Urtica dioica), Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus) and Evening Primrose (Oneothera biennsis).

Milk Thistle Gomasio

1.5  cup Sesame Seeds
¼ cup Milk Thistle Seeds (available in the bulk herb section of most co-ops and herb shops)
½ cup Dulse Flakes

DIRECTIONS:  Toast the sesame seeds lightly until fragrant and just turning golden.  Grind the milk thistle seeds until they are pretty fine- a coffee grinder, spice grinder, or vitamix will do.  Set aside.  Then lightly grind the remaining ingredients. Combine and enjoy! Best stored in the fridge. Will keep at least a few months. Some other nutritious seeds to consider adding include Nettle Seed, Evening Primrose Seed, and Yellow Dock Seed.  Mineral rich additions include Nettle Lf and Dandelion Lf. You can also experiment with spices like garlic powder, chilies, cumin, coriander, turmeric and so on!

USE: A herbal standard that really epitomizes food as medicine!  Sesame seeds are full of calcium, and the dulse- a delicious purple seaweed- is very rich in many trace minerals often lacking in our modern american diet.  Milk Thistle seeds (Silybum marianum) are extremely hepato-protective, meaning they protect our liver cells from damage- very important for an organ with a very large role in processing the myriad of substances that come through our bodies.  Additionally Milk Thistle nourishes the liver, and can even help repair already compromised liver cells.  Sprinkle on just about everything- I especially like it on savory things like sauteed greens, veggies and soups. OR use as a nutritional supplement- take a tbsp/day. 


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