Wild Rose Elixir

Yesterday was filled with swim dates and harvesting Wild Rose.....it basically doesn't get any better than that! As my friend and I sat by the swimming hole, the smell of Wild Rose (Rosa multiflora), which is currently in full bloom throughout the Valley, kept wafting through the air.....it was truly intoxicating.  What a generous plant to share her medicine with us so freely.

This is quite possibly (dare I say it?) my favorite of our bioregional medicines. Among other things, Wild Rose is a powerful nervine and deeply relaxing.  It's also amazing for the spiritual and emotional heart. My favorite preparation for this might be the elixir, but you could build a whole apothecary with just this plant it's so versatile. Wild Rose works as a tincture, elixir, honey, oxymel, vinegar, infused oil, herbal ghee, glycerite, soda, mead, bath salt/scrub, tea, flower essence, and probably many more things I'm forgetting!

If you'd like to learn more about her medicine check-out the full materia medica I wrote about her here: http://www.milkandhoneyherbs.com/blog/2015/6/5/wild-rose-medicine 💖

I recommend playing with Wild Rose and preserving her virtues in whatever preparation calls to you, but thought I'd share one of my favorites, the elixer.  This preparation really captures the real essence of the rose taste, and the sweetness of the honey adds a grounding and harmonizing effect to the medicine as well. Here's the recipe!

Wild Rose Elixir

Wild Rose (Rosa multiflora) flowers, stems, and leaves (gather the flowering corymbs and 1 or 2 leaflets)
Raw Honey (local if possible)
Brandy, Gin, Vodka or Rum (basically use an alcohol you like that is at least 40% alcohol/80 proof)

Gather Wild Rose in flower and clip the whole bunch of flowers (botanically called a corymb) along with at least 1 or 2 leaflets. Chop it all up as finely as you can- stem, leaves, flowers, and all. Put into a glass jar and then cover the plant material about 75% of the way with your alcohol of choice, and then fill the remaining 25% of space with raw honey, until the plant material is completely covered. If your raw honey is crystallized you can still use it- it will dissolve in the alcohol. Let sit for about a month, strain, and it's ready to use! And if you forget to strain it, no biggie. It will keep with the plant material still in it for months, if not years!  This can be taken on it's own- a medicinal dose is about 2-3 tsp/day. Or you can combine it with other nice nervines. In my practice, I often combine Wild Rose Elixer with Tulsi Elixer and Blue Vervain Tincture, along with whatever else that person may be needing, to make a delicious and effective nervous system support formula.  You can also use it like a cordial and sip on it straight, or add to tonic or bubbly water for an herbal cocktail. Enjoy!

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